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Beauty Skin Hair Scalp Analysis Hair Follicle detector Wireless WiFi Skin Scalp Analyzer Machine

Beauty Skin Hair Scalp Analysis Hair Follicle detector Wireless WiFi Skin Scalp Analyzer Machine

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Product Description
11 inch Skin Analyzer Machine Scalp Detector Hair Follicles Oil Moisture Tester Facial Skin Hair Analyser Machine Skin UV Analyzer

1. The instrument utilizes the optical principle to generate an image of the detected skin or hair through lens a cquisition and magnification, and displays on the screen what is invisible to the naked eye for analysis, andthen obtains a conclusion for detecting whether the human skin or hair is normal.

2. Can display the screen more intuitively, high sensitivity, simple and fast, so that your operation is more simple and

3. Directly analyzes the healthy and damage of hair, uses high‑definition analysis optical mirror. Can accurate analysis of the quality of skin and hair.

1. The skin and hair detector is a kind of precision instrument, which needs to be carefully used and protected.During use, care should be taken not to let the dust fall onto the chip, so as not to affect the detection effect.
2. Select the lens when using, so the effect is better.
3. Keep the it clean before and after use.

Product Parameters:
Color : White
Screen Size : 11 inches
Voltage : 100-240V
Resolution ratio : 1208*1080
Lens: 50X 200X
Package size:36x28x16cm
weight: 1920g
Product name : Eight-core hair follicle/scalp/skin Tester
Function : Scalp/hair follicle/skin detection
Power supply mode : plug-in with screen
Language : Traditional Chinese /English/Korean/Japanese
product name
Skin Hair Scalp Analysis Hair Follicle detector
Scalp Analyzer
10 Million Pixels
HD display
16G USB Storage
Hair Follicle Detection+ Skin Detection
Epidermis/ Dermis/ UV Layer
4 image compare function