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Hot Selling pressotherapy + EMS body slimming beauty device sauna lymphatic drainage Body Shaping Weight Loss Machine

Hot Selling pressotherapy + EMS body slimming beauty device sauna lymphatic drainage Body Shaping Weight Loss Machine

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3 in 1 pressotherapy system with heat infrared


We used 36V safe voltage of pressotherapy suite


plastic connector, more good quality 


Slimming, skin tighten, weight loss, detox, lymphatic drainage


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Slim sauna suit air pressure leg massager/lymphatic drainage air pressotherapy/


pressotherapy far infrared body suit with blanket



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Advantage of our pressotherapy

1. Good quality: the machine with plastic case, it is best quality of all the machines. The clothes made of PU material. It is easy for cleaning. The blanket with double layer PU material. The connector is plastic material, easy and convenient to connect or take off.

2. Good function: the air pressure function and infrared heating function can work separately on each part. 20 groups of air chambers, 8 air outlet, and 7 groups of infrared heating, 3 groups of infrared outlet.

3. Easy operation: the client can adjust the intensity of air pressure and infrared heating and choose which part to work.

4. Good feeling: there's no pain during the treatment, it feels relaxed all over the body, it is silimar to massage by hand. Temperature is between 35 and 80 degrees.

5. Good result: the clothes can be used every day. People can lose 10KG to 20KG during 3 months.

6. Portable package:. 51*40*22CM (machine), 80*40*20CM (suit and blanket together).

7. Safe clothes: the voltage of our clothes is 36V.



Specification of pressotherapy

1. 20 groups of air chambers, 8 groups of air outlet, 7 infrared heating, 3 infrared heating outlet.

2. The machine made of iron material, the clothes made of PU material, the panel made of plexiglass.

3. Gas displacement: 25L/min.

4. Pressure: 0.025Mpa.

5. Packing size: 53*42*24CM (machine), 82*42*22CM (suit and blanket together). 6. Volume weight: 32KG.

7. Actual Weight: 20KG.

8. Temperature: 35~80 degree

9. Power: AC 220V~240V (110V~120V), 50HZ~60HZ.


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Advantage of lymph toxin excretion

1. Lymphatic system is important circulation system, it is equal to sweeper in the body, is also media for collecting toxin of the all kinds of organs in the body. In the process of transporting oxygen by blood, it collects the toxin and filter and purify waste of metabolism, then transport to kidney, drain the water out of body. If the lymphatic system get lower, the toxin will get together and turn to edema. Bad circulation will lead to toxin deposit, fat, tarnish skin, acne on face and so on. Lymph toxin excretion massage is mainly through massage and essential oil, dredges the body circulatory system, in order to promote excretion of toxin out of body. So the Far infrared air pressure lymph toxin excretion machine can resolve the problem very well.

2. Generally speaking, 15~20 days for one time, after 2~3 times, face and body will looks better. It is healthy beauty leisure life. The toxin is not real toxin, it is just alluvial waste of body.

3. Non Invasive application without antithesis. 

4. Effectiveness with complete safety, with no pain. 15~20 minutes, short treatment time with long lasting effect.

5. Easy treatment by automated far infrared and air pressure.



Step of beautician on beauty salon

1) To clean the client first.

2) To put slimming oil on the skin of the client.

3) To wrap preservative film (food wrapper film) on the client.

4) To ware the clothes, then to let the machine work with the clothes together.

5) Always to use infrared heating function first, then to use air pressure function. It is better for slimming.






Item Far-infrared & Air pressure weight loss machine
Gross weight 35KG
Packing size 85*46*40cm
Package Standard export carton
Power 350W
Material Metal(Iron) PVC,convas  (Fireproof & Waterproof)
Infrared heat

3 groups      1 for arms/1 for waist/1 for legs

Temperature range  35-80°c
Mode infrared heat

1.Arms  2.Waist  3.Legs

Different temperature on the different parts could be at the same time

Far-infrared wave length under the skin 20mm, the heat from inside to outside to burn the fat
Intensity air pressure 1-7 level
Suck/Docu 1-6 mode
Air chamber

20 groups   8 arms    4 waist    8 legs

Mode air pressure (1) arms:this mode you only feel airwave massage on arms
(2)legs to feet,in circulation
(3)waist:this mode you only feel airwave massage on waist
(4)arm-leg to feet-waist in circulation