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Microdermabrasion machine professional 12 in1 microdermabrasion hydra beauty machine

Microdermabrasion machine professional 12 in1 microdermabrasion hydra beauty machine

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 professional 12 in1 microdermabrasion hydra beauty machine


SPA Skin   care hydrabeauty equipment completely changed the traditional way SPA23 Factory price 12 in 1 facial skin care hydrabeauty dermabrasion machine with ce, which is hand-cleaning   skin

relying on   individual's practice skills, SPA Skin treatment hydrabeauty equipment, using vacuum suction   mode controlled by  

intelligent process, through the combination   of products and equipment, deep cleaning the skin and pores

off horny,   acne, blackheads and other impurities in very short period of time. And   improve the deep

absorption of   nutrition products, promote pores tightening, smooth skin, increase skin   moisture, and make

your skin   whitening, moisturizing and good texture.





1,Hydro dermabrasion

Hydradermabrasion (Hydra beauty Facial) – the latest in skincare technology. Hydradermabrasion utilizes the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin without the use of hard crystals or abrasive textured wands, generating deeply hydrated and healthier looking skin.



1 Rejuvenate sun damaged skin-face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs.

2 Reduce age spots

3 Minimize of blotchy skin coloring

4 Reduce acne and superficial scars from past injury

5 Remove blackheads and white heads

6 Reduce oily skin

7 Improve overall skin health




2,Spray treatment




3, Vacuum pen

Vacuum pen is use vacuum/suction to suck the blackheads from the pores , makes our pores more cleaner . And our vacuum pen is in new techinique that can be massage our skin during working , becuase it is not always in sucktion , it will suck on and off , good for lymphatic drainage and active our cells .

4, Bio micocurrent

Microcurrent is a safe and effective technology for clients who wish to attainmaintain a healthier and younger looking appearance.

Benifits :
Non-invasive facelift 
Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles 
Improve skin circulation 
Improve hypergimentation and acne 

Increase product penetration  

5,Photon light (PDT)

1.Improve symptoms such as aging and loosening skin,big pore,slender wrinkles
2.Improve pigmentary pathological changes,such as freckle,sunburn,senile plaques.
3.Improve dark complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation.
4.Repair and nurse the damaged skin.
5.Do detumescence,inflammation diminishing and scar elimination treatment for oil acne effectively

6,High frequency

High frequency function is beauty salon acne-prone skin treatment good assistant of the high frequency current heating can penetrate the skin fiber, promote the blood circulation, help skin absorb nutrition,

eliminate waste, the heat can relax nerves, helping solvents penetrate the skin, reduce skin secretion, and sterilization, the role of promoting wound healing, effect is remarkable. 1 use a special ultraviolet radiation for local or punctiform light, have antiseptic effect, accelerate style skin wound healing. 2 remove surface spots, acne and treat black spots.

7.Diomand dermabrasion

Operating steps

1.     Clean skin and make it dry.

2.     According treated parts to choose appropriate Diamond dermabrasion working head, and connect it into diamond dermabrasion handle.

Turn on the Power switch[3]. Make the function converting switch[15] to “        ”.

3.     Turn [6]Vacuum adjusting knob to regulate the vacuum pressure. According t to the hip, turning it to the clockwise is MAX, turning it to the counter clockwise is MIN. The beautician should consider the nursing part and make sure the guests can accept the pressure.

4.     Confine the treatment area, and beautician hold the diamond dermabrasion handle to move closely on skin back and forth, with the finger moves with it. 



1 Ultrasonic waves with deep penetration are produced by high-frequency oscillation of 1 million times per second. It is a kind of special instrument that emits a kind of waveform that can be transmitted by surrounding medium. It has more powerful energy than ordinary sound waves. It has high frequency, good directionality, strong penetrability and large expansion force. .

2 Due to the strong high-frequency oscillation, it can soften and massage the skin cells, promote the blood circulation of the human micro-vessels, accelerate the metabolism and activate the skin cells, and help absorb nutrients.

3 skin high-frequency micro-massage, can also eliminate the aging cells and discharge toxins to reduce wrinkles, with a variety of beauty products or medicines, can achieve a variety of problems skin treatment, improvement.


9.Skin scrubber

use of ultrasonic technology will change to 28000 times per second of electric shock waves to 28000 times per second of mechanical vibration wave the muscles of the body to me have osmosis.Can make skin more deep cells produce excited,so long as you use this instrument is used together with the corresponding potions or essence effect,can quickly eliminate shading wrinkles whelk corneous layer,able to pore dirt thoroughly clean skin,make skin shining white,recover the flexibility.

10.Inject oxygen

Through the high pressure inject oxygen, activating the activity of skin cells and improve the metabolism of skin cells, and anti-aging, whitening, cured dark cycles,acne, to improve sensitive skin,It can enhance aerobic etabolism, strengthen the skin's nutrition input, improve body immunity, eliminate fatigue,has good in mproving the espiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, blood, skin, endocrine.

11.Auto Micro Needle Pen handpiece

It is mainly used for skin absorb solution better and it can used for pain cure after the micro needle treatment.









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