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Multifunction portable ipl opt and laser hair removal machine

Multifunction portable ipl opt and laser hair removal machine

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Product Description

How does IPL work?

The IPL hand piece delivers high intensity pulses of broadband light that is different from the narrow band light of lasers. IPL, which stands for intensed pulsed light, is non-ablative meaning that is does not damage the surface of the skin. The intense light is delivered to the deeper parts of the skin (dermis) and leaves the superficial aspect of the skin (epidermis) untouched. There are different versions of IPL available on the market that target different structures in the skin.
The PhotoDerm VR targets vascular lesions such as spider veins and vascular birthmarks. The PhotoDerm SR targets pigmented lesions such as melasma and age spots. The thermal effect of IPL also causes production of new collagen, leading to improvement in wrinkles.
1. Portable:The portable IPL machine has compact portable design and arc appearance to meet the aesthetic appreciation of customers in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.It is the first choice to expert .
2. Popular: Approved the CE certificate,popular at home and abroad.(popular IPL machine)
3. Easy to operate:The super luxurious touch screen of the portable IPL machine with high sensitivity and convenient operating.
4. Convenient:The Insert handle , that is to say, the handle with servel changeable different wavelength filters (up to 6 kinds of chance), which has more refined functions , more targeted treatment, and more higher cost performance.
5. Safe: The oval quick " plug and play " connector and the closed Water Filling Nozzle, very safe and easy installation.
6. Effective: Good result on hair removal, skin rejuvenation, PAINLESS!
7. Continuous working: with double cooling system, nice cooling, can works continuously all the day.
* Non surgery&non-invasive treatment.
* Superior performance&painless treatment & patient comfort.
* No downtime,could back to normal life and work at once.
* Significantly less energy require than conventional laser and IPL treatment.
* Quick treatments:for neck,chest(in 10 minutes),for face(in 20 minutes).
Functions of IPL laser:
1.Skin rejuvenation: improving the forehead, face, arms, abdomen, legs and other rough skin, enhancing the elasticity of skin, whiting skin. 
2. Hair removal: removing the hair of armpit, beard, limb, Bikini line, etc. 
3. Dispel  spots: removing the freckles, chloasma, sunburn spots, senile plaques, chorioplaque, birthmarks and pigments. 
4. Acne therapy:  removing the ance and ance scar of facial, shoulder, chest, waist, buttocks, etc. 
5. Vascular therapy: curing vascular lesions(telangiectasis), and removing the acne rosacea, erythema.
Product Specifications
Energy Density
1-50J/cm2 (IPL),1-50J/cm3 (RF)
Pulse number
First pulse
1 - 100ms
Stand handle
12x30 or 15x50 mm
Cooling system
Electrical Source
Detail Description
Range of application
1.To remove unwanted thick or tiny hair.
2.To make your skin tightening, lifting skin, improving flexibility and tone of skin.
3.To rejuvenate your skin:removing deep wrinkles, pigments, freckles, vascular lesions (telangiectasis) ; whitening skin, changing large hair pores.
4.To remove Acne : Improving the situation of oily skin; Killing acne bacilli.