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PM Beauty Professional Colorful Aurora 2nd Gen Tattoo Machine Control Power

PM Beauty Professional Colorful Aurora 2nd Gen Tattoo Machine Control Power

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Product Description
*Item Name
Professional Tattoo Power Supply Aurora II Power Supply 2nd Gen Colorful Voltage Dual Outputs Fits All Tattoo Machine
*Item Number
Aurora 2
Space aluminum
*Output Current
2.37A,Accuracy 0.1A
1.Magnetic Anti-slip Base,2.Colorful LED,3.Dual Foot Pedal Mode,4.Dual Outputs

Aurora 2 tattoo power supply features touch button, dual outputs, magnetic anti-slip base, 2 foot pedal mode, and colorful LEDs that indicate current voltage range. Output voltage between 1.5-16 volts by 0.1v increments. Ture 2.5 amp current gives you enough power. Touch buttons make it easy to operate. Dual output allows tattoo artists to switch between liner and shader tattoo machines. External foot pedals can only be used when running one machine. Aurora 2 Tattoo power supply allows tattoo artists to pick between 2 foot pedal modes: Manual mode and Continuous Mode. The manual mode required an external foot pedal. It is built to last using CNC-machined anodized aluminum and transparent polycarbonate. The magnetic anti-slip base makes the Aurora 2 attached to metal surfaces.

Aurora 2 Power supply Coil machine? Rotary machine? No problem! The actual 2.5 amp can handle it easily. It is made of CNC-machined anodized aluminum and transparent polycarbonate.
1.Magnetic Anti-slip Base The silicone base can firmly fix the power supply on the table. The built-in magnets can attach the power supply to metal surfaces.
2.Colorful LED The LED light will change the color by different voltage range. The Aurora 2 tattoo power supply needs to be plugged in to use.
3.Dual Foot Pedal Mode Continuous Mode and Manual Mode - Press the left-side or right-side buttons simultaneously for 3-5 seconds to switch mode. Continuous Mode(1-1) - Use the middle button to turn on and turn off the tattoo machine. Manual Mode(1-0) - The machine is on when you step on the foot pedal. Manual Mode request a foot pedal. On Manual Mode, the left socket connects a tattoo machine, the right socket connects a foot pedal.
4.Dual Outputs Can connect two tattoo machines. Can switch between 2 tattoo machines by pressing the left and right arrows. The right port can connect a tattoo machine or a foot pedal. If you plug in a foot pedal in the right port, please turn to the manual mode.