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Factory custom rotary stripping machine stripper peeler Beautiful price

Factory custom rotary stripping machine stripper peeler Beautiful price

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Product Description
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Cable Cutting and Stripping
Precision pneumatic stripping machine
Stripping Wire Insulation
Wire range
Loose wire, solid core wire, single stranded wire, single core cable, wire, cable, rubber wire
Cutting length
process time
1 Year
265 x 70 x 135 mm
pneumatic peeling machine
Higher Precision

1.Working condition

The working pressure shall not be less than 0.5Mpa,the pneumatic induction type triggers the start, the tangent range is 0.3~2.03 square (soft wire skin can reach 4 square, the air pressure must be greater than 0.6Mpa), the adjustment method is knob, The length is adjustable from 1.5-20mm, the wire diameter is adjustable from 0.3-2.03, and the length of the half-stripped glue is adjustable. The main features of the machine are high precision, high efficiency and fast payback period.

2. Equipment adjust

Button 1: skinning length adjustment knob, only allow counterclockwise rotation.
Button 2: adjust half stripping or full stripping
Button 3: pneumatic switch
Button 4: adjust the depth of the peeling knife
Button 5: adjust the center of the skinning wire and the blade, (it is generally necessary to adjust this knob for diagonal opening or replacing the wire diameter)
Button 6: adjust the tension of the grip line (skid, paw print is too deep generally by adjusting this knob)

3.maintenance of equipment

(1) If the machine does not work, please turn off the air source.
(2) Add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the relative moving working face such as guide rail each shift.
(3) Air source please install triplet, and add lubricating oil.
(4) Often clean the machine residual rubber and copper wire and other sundries.

4. Blade installation and standards

Step 1: Close the air supply
Step 2: Turn knob 4 to scale 0
Step 3: Push knob 6 inward to the bottom, requiring the blade to coincide (note that the blade is front the back overlap is not to the top) and the knife edge is required to maintain a regular quadrilateral during the overlap process.

5. Installation of wire grasping jaws

When the knife edge is installed to coincide with the installation of the wire claw, it is required that the two claws can be symmetrical to the center of the knife edge, otherwise there will be a diagonal or stripping head bending to a single side, the size of the middle gap according to the customer line automatically adjust. (generally thin line gap is small, most of the line is thin; Thick skin and large gap, this case is applicable to non - marked line, line skin is very thick and the core is very thin)

6. Common problems and solutions

(1) The cord's stuck,the skinning's stuck,the machine's stuck.
Turn off air source (button 3) and pull back knob 6, or air Low pressure.
(2) Turn knob 4 to 0 or smaller and it still won't peel.
Check the blade edges according to the blade installation standards.
(3) The accuracy grade of peeling length decreases during long-term use
Lock the brake pad nut (this situation can only be encountered in old machines or high frequency of use, other situations with caution)
Other stripping machine

Stripping machine

(1) SR-P001 mini high precision pneumatic wire stripping machine.
(2) SR-2015D mini high precision electric wire stripping machine.
(3) SR-3F, SR-4F, multiple inner wires stripping machine.
(4) SR-305, 310, 330, 315, 416, 650, pneumatic cable stripping machine.
(5) SR-3FA, SR-310A, hot heating stripping machine for cloth/nylon braided cable stripping.
(6) SR-3FN, SR-4FN, multiple wires stripping twisting machine.
(7) SR-200 single wires stripping twisting machine.

More other stripping machine can contact the seller.

Automatic cutting and strippng machine

(1) SR-320: Small 2-wire cutting stripping machine, AWG32-14, max OD 5mm.
(2) SR-360: Wire 0.1-10sqmm, max OD 8mm.
(3) SR-380: Wire 0.1-16sqmm, max OD 11mm.
(4) SR-50: Wire 4-50sqmm, max OD 16mm.
(5) SR-70: Wire 6-70sqmm, max OD 22mm.
(6) SR-150: Big wire 6-150sqmm, max OD 28mm.
(7) SR-240: Big wire 6-240sqmm, max OD 45mm.
(8) SR-FY905: Cutting 2-5 core cable stripping outer and inner skin, OD 1-8mm.
(9) SR-8300: Cutting Multi-core cable stripping outer and inner skin, 4-30sqmm, max OD 16mm.
(10) SR-8070H: Cutting Multi-core cable stripping outer and inner skin, 4-70sqmm, max OD 25mm.
(11) SR-330A: Flat Ribbon cable cutting splitting stripping.
(12) SR-320T: 2-wire cutting stripping twisting machine.
(13) SR-380T: 2-core flat sheathed cable cutting stripping twisting machine.
Remarks: "sqmm" means "Square millimeter", "OD" means "Outside Diameter".
More other automatic cutting and stripping machine can contact the seller.