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Rf Micronertable Pigmeedle Machine Pontation Treatment Anti Aging Stretch Mark Removal Machine Rf Microneedling Machine

Rf Micronertable Pigmeedle Machine Pontation Treatment Anti Aging Stretch Mark Removal Machine Rf Microneedling Machine

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What is gold RF microcrystals?
The gold radio frequency microcrystal is an ingenious combination of microcrystal and radio frequency. The word "gold" comes from the gold coating of the microcrystalline crystal, and the outer coating of the microcrystalline is also golden yellow. During treatment, the doctor adjusts the penetration depth of the crystallites and the radio frequency energy according to the crystal pairing problem and the treatment site. Then, under the control of the electronic system, dozens of insulating crystallites rapidly penetrate the epidermis at the same time, emitting radio frequency energy from the crystallite tips. Then quickly withdraw, and repeat the cycle until the treatment is completed, and finally apply beauty ingredients.


Disposable crystal head: disinfect with physiological saline before use: disinfection can put the probe in a small bowl, the alcohol should not be higher than the probe, the probe must not leave water before the operation, so as not to suck into the machine and damage the machine, (such as secondary Any problems in use have nothing to do with our company)
64p 25p 10p nano crystal head


Mechanism of action
1. The mechanical stimulation of microcrystals, coupled with the biological effects and thermal stimulation produced by radio frequency, jointly stimulate the skin's self-repair system, promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, and initiate the regeneration and rearrangement of collagen;
2. The penetration of the microcrystals opens the quick absorption channel of the skin, which is convenient for the beauty ingredients to enter the skin;
3. The radio frequency energy emitted by the microcrystalline crystal tip can selectively destroy the hair follicle sebaceous glands and apocrine glands, inhibit inflammation, and activate its own anti-inflammatory repair system.



Why is gold crystallite so admired
Reason 1:
New treatment plan doubled the effect
Radio frequency skin tightening technology and micro-crystal peeling technology break through the unity of traditional treatment. The dermis layer directly emits radio frequency energy. At the same time, it can adjust the depth of micro-crystal penetration and the size of radio frequency energy according to different degrees of adaptation, and the effect is doubled.

Reason two:
No scabs, no color sinking, perfect effect
Gold crystallites use uniquely designed insulating crystallites to avoid irritation of the epidermis. The crystal tip reaches the depth of treatment to release energy without thermal damage to the epidermal tissue. There will be no adverse reactions such as scabs and discoloration after the operation. The effect is perfect.
Reason three:

The effect is remarkable, the effect is maintained for 3~6 years
Precisely target tissues at different depths, intelligent real-time impedance monitoring, and personalized settings for different symptoms such as wrinkles, sagging, acne, scars, etc., so that the skin can be quickly restored to a young and healthy state. The longer the time, the better the effect. One treatment It can be maintained for 3-6 years.

Contraindications of gold radio frequency microcrystals:
Skin infections or skin diseases (except acne), bleeding disorders, taking anticoagulant drugs, pregnancy, scarring, wearing pacemakers (heart rate devices and other internal electronic devices), vascular stents or metal implants, skin malignancies And so on, it is recommended not to be treated.



Output frequency


Treatment probe

10p    25p    64p

Input voltage

AC 110V~220V~50Hz/60Hz

Output Power