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Taibo Beauty Best Portable Muscle Magnetotherapy /Ems bodyslim Slim Beauty Equipment for Spa Use/Muscle Stimulator Machine

Taibo Beauty Best Portable Muscle Magnetotherapy /Ems bodyslim Slim Beauty Equipment for Spa Use/Muscle Stimulator Machine

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Product Description
Taibo Beauty Best Portable Muscle Magnetotherapy /Ems bodyslim Slim Beauty Equipment for Spa Use/Muscle Stimulator Machine
Degenerative joint diseases
such as osteoarthritis (knees, hips, hands, shoulders, elbows)
Pain treatment Chronic pain
include back pain, lumbago, tension, radicul opathy Sports injuries
Chronic inflammation of tendons and joints
tendon overuse syndromes, inflammation of the pubic bone
How ems Body Slimming & Muscle Lifting Works?
It is the latest Korean designed treatment technology for non-invasive body slimming and that builds muscle and burnsfat at the same time. High intensity pulsed stimulation offers continuous muscle contraction without muscle relaxation, therefore allowing the muscle to work at its maximum capacity. These extreme contraction conditions require the muscle to adapt and develop muscular mass over the treated area, while burning fat.Clinical studies report an average fat reduction of 19% associated with an increase in muscle mass of 16% during a treatment consisting of 4 to 6 sessions, spaced every 2 to 3 days.Treatments areas include abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs.
Safe and Comfortable Treatment of body Slimming machine ems:
(HIPEM) High-Intensity Pulsed Technology It’s like doing 20,000 crunches or squats in just 30 minutes without the hard work and sweat 30-Minute Treatments Treatments are quick and can be performed during a lunch break. Clinically Proven Fully tested in 7 independent studies for safety and effectiveness.

1)The Effects On Muscle Tissue
Use HIEMT (High Energy Focused Wave) technology to continuously expand and contract autologous muscles and carry out extreme training, so that the internal structure of the muscle can achieve deep remodeling, that is, the growth of muscle fibrils (muscle growth) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibers ( Muscle hyperplasia) to train and increase muscle density and volume.

2)The Effects On Fat Tissue
The 100% extreme muscle contraction of technology can cause a large amount of slight decomposition. Fatty acids are decomposed and broken down by triglycerides, which are accumulated in large numbers in accidental cells. The body's normal metabolism is excreted. Therefore, thinning can strengthen and increase muscles, and at the same time achieve the effect of reducing fat.The excellent machine with technology induces approximately 20,000 forced muscle contractions per session. These forced contractions, considered supramaximal contractions are normally not achievable by voluntary muscle action.
Pain free
Treatment is comfortable and straightforward
The patient does not have to undress
Hands free
Effective fatigue-free work for the user Applicator positioning by hand or with the flexible holding arm
Fast treatment
treatment session lasts between 10 – 20 minutes depending on the indication
Water cooling
Continuous and reliable operation by watercooled applicator Knob control
flexible applicator holding arm
Touch free
perfectly suited for the social distancing and the minimal patient contact
ST mode
Electromagnetic pulse frequency to 1000-3000Hz.
MT mode
Electromagnetic pulse frequency 50Hz 10.4 inch screen
em slim build muscle fat burn weight loss ems machine Functions:
1. Building muscle and reducing fat
2. Improving abdominal muscles
3. Exercising the hip muscles
4. Shaping vest line & mermaid line
5. body shaper slimming vest, weight loss, fat removal

Advantages of Ems Body Slimming Machine
Four courses of treatment are effective ,16% more muscle

Four courses of treatment are effective ,21% less fat

Simple operation ,labor and timesaving

Simple operation ,labor and timesaving

Reshape muscle lines,external beauty and internal health
Product Name
Physical Therapy Device Physiotherapy Equipment
AC110-240V, 50-60HZ
Oscillation frequency
Water cooling system
Water 2.5L
10.4 Inch color touch screen
Field Strength At the coil
Field Strength At 4 cm distance
Performance of the field
Gross Weight
Detailed Images
Detailed image of EMS body slim muscle stimulation ems machine mscuple:
interface of emslim beauty electric muscle stimulation weight loss machine:
Before and after of emslim beauty electric muscle stimulation weight loss machine: