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  • Cyborgcare is a transparent and friendly ecosystem where people can buy unique cyborg technology products, get online support, find local medical services, search for doctors and medical technicians, connect and share lifestyle experiences, become more healthy, confident and happy.
  • The website also features over 800 health and beauty medical devices for skin, body, hair, eyes, teeth and nails, and medical equipment for fitness centers, beauty salons, hospitals and clinics.


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      World Health Organization (WHO): who.int

    • There are an estimated 1.3 billion people in the world today with physical disabilities. This number is rising due to injurys, diseases, natural disasters, wars, and increased life expectancy. 


        Cyborg Care Foundation© (CCF): cyborgcare.org

      • All donations to the Cyborg Care Foundation and 25% of Cyborgcare income will be transferred monthly worldwide to the personal accounts of homeless and disabled children. (under construction) 


        Future by 2060 (Elon Musk): cnbc.com

      • New technologies will help people gain immortality on Earth. This can be achieved by copying the human brain into a computer. The copied brain will live forever in digital form and can be uploaded into the artificial or digital brain of a clone, robot, cyborg, metahuman or AI-avatar. 








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