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2022 Cavitation RF slimming body sculpting machine ultrasound ultracavitation radiofrequency rf skin rejuvenation face lifting

2022 Cavitation RF slimming body sculpting machine ultrasound ultracavitation radiofrequency rf skin rejuvenation face lifting

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   2022  Cavitation RF slimming body sculpting machine ultrasound ultracavitation radiofrequency rf skin rejuvenation face lifting


Body sculpting sliming machine ultrasound  Application:  

1. Weight loss,ultrasonic cellulite reduction,body slimming,fat removal 

2. Lipolysis break up lipocytes and body shaping together.  

3. Tighten skin, promote the skin elasticity by Monopolar,bipolar and tripolar radio frequency 

4. Remove wrinkle,face lifting.eye bag removal,face,chin,cheek treatment 

5. Anti-cellular oxidation,aging.  

6. Body shaping,body sculpting,body massage 


Body sculpting sliming machine ultrasound    Advantage: 
1.Combine the new low frequency ultrasound Cavitation, lipolysis, RF, Vacuum, 650nmLaser four tehnology in one machine, achieve the slimming plus tighten skin perfect effect one time. 
2.7 System: cavitation+monopolar+bipolar+tripolar+lipolysis+vacuum+laser 

3.USB updating Technology,easy to save and print data. 
4.No pain, no invasive,painless,suitable to all people who suffering fat problems 
5.No skin color requirements, widely application 
6.Large color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation 
7.Solve the multiple proble areas: waistline, abdomen, back, buttocks & thigh areas, arms & underarms 

8.Professional vacuum pump, best result traceless, no rebound, long-lasting result! 
9.No consume, inner system achieve to international CE standard.  


 Different function of different handpieces 

1)   One Ultrasonic handpiece for normal fat cellulite.(such as women) 

2)   One lipolysis handpiece for removal muscle fat.(such as men) 

3)   One Big Tripolar RF handpiece for bodyshaping and disinfection and sterilization wrinkle of body

4)   One Big Biopolar RF handpiece for bodyshaping and removal wrinkle of body.

5)   One Small tripolar RF handpiece for face wrinkle removal .

6)   One small Biopolar RF handpiece for face wrinkle removal.

7)   One Monopolar handpiece for bodyshaping and removal wrinkle of body.

8)   Vacuum and RF function +650NM laser for disinfection and sterilization.


Advanced Technology 

1)Professional cooling system 

We combines three advanced cooling technologies insure the safty and comfortable during the  

treatment: Professional water cooling systems, Semiconductor cooling, Wind cooling. 

2)Advanced CPU technology 

CPU using the world's most advanced ARM, high speed, professional, responsive, easy to  

update other function according customers’s request  

3)USB updating system
You can update technology by USB free, so you could't need to return the machines back to 

factory! Also, you can input your logo by the USB system. 


4)New treatment system
There are 2 treatment modes on the machine.One is simple model for learner,another one is 

professional mode for professional person.  

5)New Rent system 

(The remote rent system is our new technology which use a software to rent the machine in the computer,no need IC card.The whole rent process can be made by computer,it is very convenient and save much time ) 


cellulite fat loss vacuum and cavitation equipment Parameter:


Tripolar RF


Cavitation frequency

40K HZ

Cavitation max output:


Vacuum Pressure


Monopolar rf

1Mhz(Output frequency),50J(Maximum output power)

Operative Interface   

8.4 Inch TFT true color LCD touch screen

Electrical Sourc

110V/220V±10V,AC 50/60Hz


1-2 Years


 Multi language for option: 


 Why Choose Us 

 A: All kinds of Certification 

(CE,ISO Quality certificate,Free Sales Certificate,SGS,BV,Medical Equipment Production Permission) 


 B: Professional Production Line 

(Every production steps have strict rule and every worker only do one step.It is easy for us to control the quality) 


C: Professional Testing Tools: 

(All these tools are used for the machine testing during production and aftr production.Make sure all parameters are specific) 


 D: Fast Delivery 

(All of our machines was sent by DHL,UPS,TNT,Air Cargo,clients can receive the machine within 1 week) 


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Sandy Liu