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2022 New design Portable 7 In 1 H2O2 hydra dermabrasion facial machine Small Bubble Facial Microdermabrasion machine W05X

2022 New design Portable 7 In 1 H2O2 hydra dermabrasion facial machine Small Bubble Facial Microdermabrasion machine W05X

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2022 Portable 7 In 1  Small Bubble Facial Microdermabrasion machine

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                                                                         W05X 3.0 



W05X 3.0 Machine : 46x41x39 /8.5 kgs 

Trolley : 87x53x50/26 kgs 

Full set Dimensional Weight : 62 kgs 

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Working Principle
Hydroxyl-hydroxide refers to theconversion of purified water into hydroxide-ion water, which produces H2 fine molecules on the surfaceofthe skin and rapidly penetratesthe water moleculesinto the skin.To achieve the efficacy of tender and white.


Through the formation of a vacuum circuit, the tiny bubbles and nutrient solution are fully combined, through a special design of spiral suction directly acting on the skin surface,the instrument produces thousands of bubbles, small bubbles with the skin contact vibration, the skin takes away the excess cuticle, so that the skin to return to normal angle Layer thickness, with the original solution,

to improve the skin, clean and whitening, tonic,exfoliate, remove blackheads oily skin and other multi-layer effects



Accessories introduction

---H2O2, bubble cleaning

Installed heating function,breaking through the traditional small bubble instrument Technical level, open pores, soften keratin, make muscles Cleans the skin deeper, improves skin's dullness, blackheads,Leaves skin clean, supple & supple

---Bipolar EMS

Using 20Hz-1000Hz frequency conversion EMS, the face is lifted and firmed,the fine lines and puffiness of the eyes are improved, and the eyes are restored!

---Bipolar HR

Use for body heat therapy to make skin tissue suck received a lot of heat combined with new collagen,Smooth tighten the skin.

---Skin Scrubber vibration cleaning

Whitening,remole dead skin,blackhead,Import function.


Use the ultrasonic per minute 1-3million times vibration to open the pore,leading into the serum to deep cells.

---High polymer water oxgen

Combine with liquid products,thus the irstrument produce oxygen-high water ion cellsquickly import the injection into the dermis.

---Hot and cold +RF

Cold and hotlifting,can tighten and removal wrinkle,strengthen cell regeneration,let cells recovery activity,repair sensitive skin



100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Serum bottle:
A.B.C.D design
10 kind of tips
7 inches
HR frequency:
1-2 MHz
Hot and cold hammer:
cold 0-6°C hot 36°-46°C
Ultrasonic frequency:
Shovel frequency:
Micro frequency: