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beauty instrument small god blow machine used for body pain using negative ion light wave terahertz technology moxibustion quan

beauty instrument small god blow machine used for body pain using negative ion light wave terahertz technology moxibustion quan

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Product Description
Quantum health technology makes health maintenance easier
The Physiotherapy Secrets of Cellular Hyperthermia Drugs can treat tissue damage, but they cannot restore cell damage.
The cell hyperthermia instrument directly introduces light waves into the human body and automatically recognizes normal cells and accelerates blood flow (normal heat dissipation). Can bring a large number of negative ions to cells, solve the state of excessive accumulation of positive ions in the body, promote the self-repair and rebirth of body organs The terahertz wave cell therapy instrument can bring a lot of quantum to the cell Wake up the body's absorption capacity and relax the muscles Help open up the internal circulation and filter clutter
Suitable for sub-health persons,three systems protect the health
1. Activate cells and activate the body's self-repair ability Applicable symptoms: cough, cold, throat, skin eczema, acne, hemorrhoids, hand, foot and mouth disease, muscle damage, cold limbs, underground immunity, etc. 2. Relax the meridians, clear fatigue, and regulate 8 main glands Applicable symptoms: prostatitis, gynecological diseases, mastitis, breast hyperplasia, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gastroenteritis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, nerve palsy, neurasthenia, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness , Tinnitus, etc. 3. Increase body temperature and prevent cancer Prevention of symptoms: prostate cancer, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, lymphoma, lung cancer, brain tumors, diabetes, Parkinson's disease.

Physical therapy instrument

Technology:terahertz wave technology
Function: Regulate the micro-ecology.
Core technology: quantum technology, terahertz technology, multiple filtering system.
Principle and characteristics: Penetrates normal tissues reaches the uncomfortable parts. Abnormal cells absorb excessive energy and heat up and destroy themselves.
At the same time, they activate inert cells and enhance the body's self-healing ability.

Nine effects in one

explosive destruction of cells
activation of emotional cells
enhancement of self-healing power
clearing of meridian lymph
improving microcirculation
caring for life glands
beautifying skin care
removing cold and dampness
softening and firming knots

Use half an hour is equivalent to

10 times acupuncture
10 times moxibustion
20 cupping
30 Gua Sha
40 massages

Title goes here.

Anti-Puffiness, Detox, Nourishing,
Skin Rejuvenation, Get rid of cold and dampness,
Improve nervous system, Cell repair and protection,
Treatment diseases such as turbid phle

Solves your pain in 15 minutes

Dredge the veins、Clear meridian
Remove dampness and cold
Warm uterus maintenance
Whole body physiotherapy
Soothing the liver and regulating qi
Nourishing Qi and Invigorating Spleen
Dispelling wind and nourishing lungs
Strengthen the kidneys and bones Warm
ventilated blood、Deep Detox Wenyang Tongluo、
Beauty care relief the pain、Improve sub-health immunity

Energizing cells eight-effects in one

A healthy experience that goes straight to deep care 1.Invigorate people and be full of vitality
2.Promote metabolism and smooth circulation.
3.No room for "bad" cells to breed
4.Enhance thinking and memory
5.Balance the operation of the human body system
6.Strengthen the immune system and defend against external aggressions
7.Improve energy level, exercise ability
8.Balanced skin tone and bright complexion

8 core technologies

Directly reach the source of deep pain, drive away sub-health Ultrashort wave coupling
Spectrum energy
Terahertz wave
Energy frequency modulation
Intelligent temperature control
Dual mode switching

6health-preserving textures\7physiotherapy functions

Warming meridians and dispelling cold, promoting qi and dredging collaterals Replenish vitality and raise sun Dispelling toxins and releasing heat, health care Activate self-healing power and eliminate free radicals Activate/repair cells, improve microcirculation Improve organ function, repair nerve and muscle tissue
Innovative technology
1 Unblock the shoulder and neck meridians Improve cervical acid, numbness and pain, relieve fatigue and prevent shoulder periarthritis 2 Soothing the whole body Relieve stress, eliminate fatigue, regulate rest, improve sleep 3 dredge the cervical spine meridian Improve and prevent cervical spondylosis, and at the same time can relieve symptoms such as dizziness and headache to a certain extent 4 Unblock the back meridian Relieve the pain of back muscles, unblock the qi and blood, and enhance the body's immunity 5 Regulate the intestines and stomach organs Improve physiological function decline, spleen and stomach, qi and blood, body cold, malabsorption, etc. 6 Unblock the waist meridian Improve waist stiffness and soreness caused by prolonged sitting, and prevent the development of waist diseases