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Body Slimming Vacuum Machine Body Face Skin Beauty Care for Home Salon Use 40k Lipo Cavitation Machine Professional

Body Slimming Vacuum Machine Body Face Skin Beauty Care for Home Salon Use 40k Lipo Cavitation Machine Professional

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Product Description
Body Slimming Vacuum Machine Body Face Skin Beauty Care for Home Salon Use 40k Lipo Cavitation Machine Professional
Product name
Cavitation Machine 9 IN 1 Vacuum Cavitation System
9 effects in one 
Weight Loss,Face wrinkles, Tighten the skin ,Skin Tightening, Removal dark circles, shrink pores ,massage muscles,Dissolve fat,Lymphatic drainage
40k Cavitation+Vacuum+RF+Lipo laser
9 Handles
Laser wavelenght
110V/220V 50-60Hz
1. Ultrasonic fat bursting :break fat energy is applied to specific treatment area to destroy the cells in the subcutaneous fat cell membrane.

2.RF radio frequency skin tightening :improves firmness, promotes subcutaneous tissue natural resistance exercise collagen proliferation.

3.RF negative pressure fat reduction :accelerates fat burning, lymphatic drainage, vacuum suction of internal fat, radio frequency heats the cell wall and reshapes the body.

4. Laser lipolysis and body sculpting :wavelength of 635-650NM, the laser board is tied to a specific area, releases the energy of the red LED, penetrates the fat layer, and uses heat to dissolve the subcutaneous fat to achieve the effect of body sculpting.

5. A variety of colors Light + micro-electricity :color light skin rejuvenation,directly irradiating the surface of the skin, penetrating to the deep layer of the skin, reducing wrinkles, and restoring skin elasticity.

6.Ice cooling Analgesia :constricts pores, effectively inhibits capillary rupture, inhibits redness, and inhibits inflammatory reactions.

7. Micro-electric therapy patch :the patch is bound to a specific area, EMS pulse current stimulates nerves, causes muscle contraction and movement, which is produced by the body Passive exercise to shape and strengthen muscles.

Ultrasound Probe
Importing products for skin care products to penetrate the skin, accelerate the absorption, accelerate the activation of cell, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, skin brightening, anti-aging.

Face RF

Using R technology, the dermis collagen gradually proliferate through the effect, Improve long-term emotional stress, facial aging and dull black skin. It can promote cell metabolism and regeneration, make the skin elastic, shiny, and smooth wrinkles and firming skin.

Vacuum & Bipolar probe
The probe is doing aerobic exercise for skin and fat tissue like kneading and rolling which make the lymphatic drainage function and blood circulation increase 4 times. At the same time, along with the bipolar R energy with deep massage making the fat cells into fatty acids, and eliminated by lymphatic circulation, to effectively consume accumulative fat cells and achieve the shaping effect.

Cold Hammer
Cool hammer treat edema, relieve the pain in the part of body, shrink pores, calm inflammation and abate hypersusceptibility.

Laser,also knows as soft laser,cold laser or low level laser therapy,uses red light 650nm laser energy to penetrate the skin, when the fat cells are simulated,the cell membrane will create the pores to release fatty acids and glycerol. Feedback shows,with exercise or the infrared therapy,the fat cells will be burnt or drained by the lymph circulation.

Mainstream certificates are available, including