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DEESS 3 in 1 hair removal ipl machine skin care beauty machine

DEESS 3 in 1 hair removal ipl machine skin care beauty machine

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DEESS 3 in 1 HOT ipl hair removal beauty equipment new product

Product Description

ipl hair removal beauty equipment new product

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Technology: IPL (intense pulsed light)


IPL, short for intense pulsed light, is a popular and best-knowntreatment in beauty field around the world from more than 20 years. IT has achived millions of good feedbacks from users. It's a kind of professional, safe and painless treatment.


Device 3 FUNCTIONS: 1. Hair Removal (HR)   2. Skin Rejuvenation (SR)  3. Acne Clearance (AR)

How does IPL work:

1. For Hair Removal:  IPL works on skin →Generate→ Heat effect → Absorbed by hair & pigment group first → Transmitted to hair root  → Destory hair papilla, disintegrate or break the dark pigment group → hair papilla and pigment group are discharged from body with circulationsipl hair removal beauty equipment new product.png

2. For Skin Rejuvenation:

                     IPL works on skin → Heat effect →(Stimulate fibroblast)→ Produce collagen and elastic fiber 

                                                                      ↓Accelerate blood circulation                                   ↓   

 Improve aging symptoms  ← Enhance skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle, tighten up, shrink pores, rejuvenate skin.

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3. For Acne Clearance: IPL → Porphyrin → (Release) → Single oxgen ions →(Cide)→ Acne propionic acid bacillus

Porphyrin: Lives in plant and people blood. In people blood, porphyrin combines with metallic iron(Fe) and produce heme, which is a kind of photoactive substance.

Propionibacterium acnes: A kind of anaerobion

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Device specifications

Voltage 100-240 VAC; 50HZ/60HZ
Power 36W MAX
Wavelength >510nm
Spot size 3.1 cm2
Flashes 350,000
Net Weight 288g
Size 210.3mm(L)x64.4mm(W)x68.8mm(H)


Device advantages:

1. Professional results as treatment in beauty salon.

With IPL technology, its professional effect is obvious, and you can use it at home or anywhere you want, this way you don't have to go to salon.

2. 3-in-1 functions (HR, SR, AC), replaceable lamps

There are three lamps for different functions, you can choose suitable lamp according to your need.

3. 350,000 flashes, long-lasting and durable

Each lamp has 350,000 flashes, which means can keep very long time use for you.

4. Fast flashing, stamp working modes

Its flash is fast, and it only works when you use its spot part directly touch the skin, like a stamp, which is very convenient

5. Life reminder system, intelligent operation, easy to handle with 

It has own life reminder system, and operation is intelligent, welcome to check our operation video if convenient.


This is a SAFE DEVICE :

1. Clinical studies proved that's a safe treatment

2. Built-in skin touch sensor system

3. Accurate hair removing and "0" harm

4. Automatically turn off without any operation in 5 minutes



Suitable For WHOM?

1. Hair removal:  Hair round lips, armpit hair, limb body hair, frontal hairline and other hair that affects appearance.

2.Skin rejuvenation: Flabby skin, aging face with dark or yellow face, light wrinkle, thick pore, skin lacks elasticity or gloss, skin with low resistance, low immunity, etc.

3. Acne clearance: Suits people whose grease is secreted exuberant, people with inflammatory papules or pustular acne.


What is the professional result?


Hair removal: 90% hair reduction after 7-10 treatments

For youAfter hair removal, hair’s growth circle becomes longer, hair grows later will become thinner and less. After 7-8 times operations, 99% hair will stop growing. Keep using to get permanent zero hair effect according to your needs.

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Skin rejuvenation: 95% customers are satisfied with each treatment's results; 91% customers' facial skin has been tightened and lifted; 90% customers' muscle texture has been improved; 80% customers' facial skin has been improved and wrinkle has been reduced.

For you: After treatment, you can see your overall skin becomes whiter and brighter immediately, outline promoted and skin tightened. After several treatments, flabby and drooping skin will become tightened and flexible, wrinkles will become light or disappear, skin color will get improved and looks younger.

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Acne clearance:  86% reduction in acne-causing bacteria immediately.  With consistent use, can reduce 70% acne, inflammatory, sebum excretion after weeks.

For you:  Treatment will promote acne to recover and heal, diminish inflammation, prevent forming acne marks. After 2-5 treatment, effect will be more obvious.

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