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High Quality Multionfunction Korean Skin Care Facial Deep Cleaning Aqua Skin Machine

High Quality Multionfunction Korean Skin Care Facial Deep Cleaning Aqua Skin Machine

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High Quality Multionfunction Korean Skin Care Facial Deep Cleaning Aqua Skin Machine

Multionfunction korean skin care facial deep cleaning aqua skin machine

Technology of this machine

1.Ultrasound system Face/pulse Ultrasonic waves are kept at a certain interval and flexible to synthesize dermal collagen and elastin Body/Continue Continuous flow through a fixed frequency and help break down body fat and cellulite

2.lontophoresis -ION  Skin activation, helping skin regeneration and nutrient penetration +ION  Calms skin, shrinks pores, cleans skin

3.Freezer handleLce ,Close pores and lock in nutrients to promote skin absorption


1.Moisturizing management Adjusts the oil-water balance of dry skin or mixed skin, and promotes the metabolism of far-infrared rays to activate skin cells.

2.Regeneration management Exfoliate with a general regenerative management system to provide moisturizing and maintain skin balance.

3.Wrinkle management The lifting system removes sebum and keratin and improves wrinkles to make the loose skin elastic.

4.Whitening management The ionized vitamin C stock solution is deeply introduced into the skin, and the tyrosinase enzyme which activates melanin which causes brown spots is removed and discharged by the induced voltage, and the melanin aged product is decomposed.

5.Acne management Acne acne and acne treatment caused by excessive secretion of oil can also be sterilized and treated


The original 7inch screen has been updated into 8 inches
The machine adds the eyes RF head compared to the original one
Micro current roller is changed to a smarter and more efficient pulsator
Languages as option: Korean, Chinese and English
Cool&warm hammer is updated into plug in and out mode
Trolley is updated into acrylic+Iron material
Complete trolley, no need to assemble.
Trolley is with storage function

Detailed Images

Oxygen sprayer

Spray the product such as oxygen injection essence evenly on the skin.Let the skin absorb better

Skin scrubber

The high-frequency vibration is used to instantaneously atomize the water,and the atomized water removes the pore material to achieve the cleansing effect.

Ultrasound  head for face

Using an ultrasonic probe to massage the face,it can dissolve fat cells.Electric energy generates ultrasonic waves:ultrasonic waves are transmitted by vibrations at high frequencies,they are transmitted in continuous or pulsed waveforms,and strong heat is converted into heat.

Ultrasound eyes head

Through special frequency ultrasonic waves,promote blood circulation and enhance cell regeneration ability,1.second for 1 million amplitudes,burn fat,promote damaged cell repair and promote protein prodction

RF eyes pen

Positioning heats the tissue,the dermis layer becomes thicker,wrinkles become lighter or disappear,and the morphology of the subcutaneous collagen recombines,producing new collagen,and the skin becomes tighter.

Cold&Hot hammer

After the small bubbles are cleaned,the pores are shrunk,the rash is repaired after the operation of the water,the stagnation is repaired after the pgotoelectric project,and the pores are opened by the warm hammer to promote the absorption of the essential oil.Coating the gel on the operating part,the prope is turned from bottom to top.

Lon clip

Lon roller

Electric current clip

Welcome To KLS

Thank you for finding KLS.

  Guangzhou KLSbeauty Co.Ltd is located in Guangzhou City,has 10 years experience of designing and manufacturing beauty equipment machine development,overseas sales,and after sales service.We offer best quality machine to all over the world clients and attend the US,Bologna,Hongkong Cosmoprof trade show to expand our brand name KLS beauty. 

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Door to Door sevrice reachine 3-5 days.

Use export box, wooden box, pearl foam protecting inside.

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Our Servies
We offer 2 year free warranty,lifetime maintan,

2.OEM/ODM Service
1.Software adjustment (logo&menu design,different languages).
2.Unique machine shape design.
3.Treatment handle,filters design.
4.Package (style,material,label design).
5.According to the budget,machie weight,size,provides reasonble projects.

Once you buy machines from us,we supply professional training for you.detailed user,online service are the basis training.moreover,we teach how to use the machine and how to do the treatments step by step.
We offer 24 hours on-line free service

We have specific aftersale service regulations which would be wirtten on the last page of our machine`s user manual. and we will offer the service to you according to the regulation strictly.
1.Will you teach how to use the machine?
Re:Yes, we can provide a complete user manual and usage video for instruction and application. And 24/7 online consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily. It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.
2..Why should you choose us?
Re:1.Professional service!  2.Fast shipping!  3.Hight quailty,Low price!  4.Unique product.  5.2 Year warrantly
3.How to order?
Re:Please Send your message to this supplier. And we will make an quotation to you and choose a best shipping for you.