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Newest Beautiful Dental Laser Teeth Whitening Machine 60w Led Whitening Light Device

Newest Beautiful Dental Laser Teeth Whitening Machine 60w Led Whitening Light Device

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Newest Beautiful Dental Laser Teeth Whitening Machine 60w Led Whitening Light Device

Product features of Teeth Whitening Machine:

1.Powerful Blue LEDs. 2.Easy to read and use a control panel. 3.The machine has high energy, 60W. When providing tooth whitening service, get the best whitening effect in a short time. 4.12pcs cold led blue lights, full range of tooth. 5.Wheelbase disassembles in minutes for easy transportation. 6.Superior technology for unsurpassed reliability. 7.The machine is beautifully designed to attract customers and embellish your shop. 8.Very nice package case protects and carries all parts of the light during transport. 9.High quality raw materials increase the service life of the machine.

Teeth Whiten Process: 

1.Clean the client’s teeth first. 2.Use the shade guide to compare client's teeth (In order to compare the effect of tooth whitening) 3.Use a VE cotton tip to moisturize lips to prevent chapped  4.Use the C type retractor to open mouth  5.Use a teeth whiten wipe to clean tooth. 6.Paint gum dam (about gel, The higher the concentration, the better the effect, but the high concentration of gel will make the gums of the customer feel burning, so we will use the gum protector to protect the gums,and use curling light to dry the gum protector)  7.Use little brush to brushing teeth whiten gel(the 5ml gel can be divided into two or three times)  8.Use teeth whiten lamp first to shining for 10-15mins.  9.After 10-15 mins, You need remove the teeth whiten gel,judge whitening effect.  10.You need use teeth whiten gel for customer again, and second shining for 10-15 mins. 11.In general, after two treatments, the effect of tooth whitening will be very good, use the shade guide to compare.  12.Finish the treatment, remove the gum protector and use another teeth wipe to clean tooth. 13.let the patient gargle.


1. 12pcs led bleaching lights, 60W more powerful than the usual teeth whitening machine on the market. 2. It has the temperature control system to protect the machine for long time using. 3. It has sensor pause button. 4. It has super illumination, range from 10% to 100%. 5. It has AB group light. 6. Touch button, easy to operate. 7. Super big screen, all information can show easier. 8. Very nice package, don't worry about the goods being damaged on the way.

Laser Teeth Whitening Lamp Tooth Whitening Type:

1. Exogenous pigment (soak, coffee, cola, etc). 2. Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracyline tooth, etc.). 3. Fluorinated teeth. 4. Congenital inhomogeneous color and iustre. 5. Suitable for the black and yellow change of the tooth surface.
Product Name
Laser Dental Bleaching Teeth Whitening Machine
Input voltage
Illumination density
Constant temperature
35-40 degree centigrade
Amount of LED tube
Dimension of the carton
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